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Artist: Perfume
Album: Hold Your Hand
Track: Hold Your Hand
Plays: 2,017


Perfume - Hold Your Hand


Mary Janes

Artist: Studio Killers
Album: Grande Finale - EP
Track: Grande Finale
Plays: 6,357

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Artist: Swedish House Mafia
Album: Until Now
Track: Don't You Worry Child
Plays: 8,325


Swedish House Mafia | Don’t You Worry Child

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Artist: bo en
Album: Pale Machine [MARU-123]
Track: Every Day
Plays: 2,885


After all, there’s something perfectly clear in this life: you must endure. Stick with me, you’ll find your purpose is near and it’s far, it won’t matter anymore.

Artist: OK Go
Album: OK Go
Track: What To Do
Plays: 7,101

Come on in, sweetie-pie! Have an apple, have some lye…
Leave your friends, righteous and pathetic, standing at the door.
On the books, all your bets favor head-bands and cassettes,
cigarettes, suffragettes, and bores.

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